Style & Cut in a purely Nordic way

Children love to move around and try out new things. The cloths they are wearing should enforce and encourage them to keep on doing it. Therefore the movement and the activity of the child is the main source of inspiration for the design of the models I make.

I’m the designer of the label GinkgoLife. I create a line of fashion for children where I combine elements of conformity, coolness and simplicity. The pure cut ensures that the clothes are easy to wear and the small details guarantee it stays practical. Furthermore I aim to give the design an elegant touch and lots of style.

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The Christmasstree

This is a collection of my finest Christmas Decoration, all handmade and all gather around a very special Christmas tree. These tree holes memories of the time we were living in Shanghai and it will follow me on my journey around the World.

Most of the decoration I made this year has already been sold, so I had to make some new ones for my family to enjoy over the holidays:

Now is time to take a break and recharge the batteries before a new year will start. Therefore I which you all the best: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013 may it be the fortune of joy for everyone!!!!

Just wanted to say, Thank you, see you next year. I will be back soon with new post around my work. Got some special prepared, so keep your eyes open. It's going to bee sweet and soft!!!!

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The Red Reindeer

December is a nice time, where you can find the most beautiful things to decorate your home with. This is one of the Reindeers handmade and designed by GingkoLife:

RED - Das Rentier von Weihnachtsmann - ROT auf DaWanda

Entdeckt auf DaWanda

Von: GinkgoLife

RED - Das Rentier von Weihnachtsmann - ROT

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Loving to search around for beautiful stuff, Pinterest can get you addicted to do this full time, day and night. But why stop, there is so much to discover and find and there is no end to it.

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